Monday, July 23, 2012

At the conservatory

We took the girls to the Harry Potter museum. Anjali got a big kick out of the fact that the sorting hat put her in Gryffindor. She wrote it in her reflections book:

We went to hte Hary Pottr musem. The Sorteg hat put me in grifindo, complete with a picture of Ron, harry and Hermoine (with golden hair) and herself.

The museum was kind of awesome and ofcourse Anjali wanted to buy a packet of Bertie Bott's every flavour beans, so that I might try the vomit flavour one. The beans were six dollars and I promised her that she could go to bread talk and get something more filling for six dollars.

"Do they have vomit flavored bread?", she asked

"I am sure we can get them to make some"

"I want it for breakfast everyday"

The sales assistants were laughing as we left

We then went to the gardens by the bay. it was way too hot to explore the gardens, so we went to the conservatories. They are true architectural and engineering marvels. It takes a lot of thinking and planning to come up with them. As husband was saying, just when you think that, "Well, Singapore is a nice place to be in, but things are getting a bit predictable, they wow you with something totally out of the world"

I was super impressed by the clud forest. As a vertical gardening enthusiast, I was so envious of their garden, plants and the waterfall that irrigated these.

The girls ofcourse, were very impressioned by the +5 degrees show.

"But it wont happen to our world right mom?", asked Anjali

"It will", I told her. unless we are careful with our waste and water.

"People are thyowing so much yubbish in on the steets.", said the girl who wants to do all the action. "We must clean it up!"

So we are planning to put our idea into action and carry a few bags with us when we go out. These bags can act as gloves and trash bags. Can we curate the streets of Singapore? Like One Plastic beach?

It sounds like an interesting project... hmm.

Some of the flowers were taken by Anjali

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