Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Things that defy the laws of the universe

I dont understand how after climbing rocks and riding horses and going kayaking in sub zero waters and riding on daddy driven caravans, something like this can happen right at home on the bed

But it did. Anjali and Sophia were playing mummy and baby. Anjali plopped Sophia on the bed. Sophia began to cry. We first thought that she had twisted her arm, and encouraged her to lie down and take a nap. but when after a couple of hours and post her nap, she still continued to cry, husband took her to NUH. It was Sunday (this is the fourth time that we are taking the kids to children's emergency. Why do things like this happen on a Sunday?) and NUH is the only place where they have an xray. They did the test, put the kid in a cast, and sent her home with instructions on how to take care of the cast. Now she complains that it is uncomfortable to sleep on the bed and this is what she was doing in the morning when I left for work.

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