Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our time in India

 Going on the plane is fun, and one special fun thing about plane rides is that you get to ride all the cool trolleys in the changi airport. That kept the girls busy, despite the fact that the Air India plane was delayed by three hours.

I braved my very first taxi ride from the airport to Kumar thattha's home, due to the lateness of the hour and was plessantly surprised by the service quality and the affordability of taxis in chennai. 440 Rs from the airport to annanagar, for a trip that took, given the lateness of the hour, less than an hour
 We met Shruti and as is often the case with kids, they took to each other

 Great grand parents
 Meeting and riding Anu aunty's motor bike in Pondicherry
 The many beaufitul wedding dresses. I bought these matching dresses in a meighbourhood shop in Annanagar - a simple short skirt lehnga
 The long reception. I am glad that we didnt have one for our marriage. The bride and the groom stand for hours on end shaking hands with people whom they hardly know. I guess thats fine, but they also stand under the harsh glare of the camera lights. This is Vaishna at the start of the reception.

 This is Vaishna at the end of the reception when most of the family went up on stage. The girls too were tired, with all the travel to Pondicherry the day before and the excitement over clothes and weddings on the day itself

 Some moments on day 1. The bitter gourd Ganesha was kind of cool and I kept bugging the man about how he made it, along with the other carved pumpkin swans and phoenixes that were on display.

 Some more interesting bits of decor. The groom's umbrella is no longer the standard black one it was in my dad's marriage. And I think they are being a little too subtle with all the baby dolls on the floor when the bride and groom come back from the garland and swing ceremony

Some photographic moments that make a wedding special:

Meeting of cousins
 The time between events for rest, reconnaisance and chit chat
 Bonding time between the young and the old. I just love this photo
 A time where people meet and become friends in a very short time, despite the fact that they have met only once in their lives previously. There is an underlying, somewhat mysterious dynamics of relatives that is very surprising
 Family photos

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