Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The disadvantages of growing up

I was complaining one day to husband about stuff

"And so he said this and this other guy said that and in the end we are not going to do the stuff that we planned to do. Its pretty frustrating. AAAAAHHHH"

Sophia goes "Mummy, I dont want to grow up"

I assumed that she meant that growing up leads to tangled social relationships and frustrations and un accounted for screaming and tried immediately to be contrite. However, that wasnt quite it. She has been using this as a tagline for the last several weeks.

"Mummy, I dont want to grow up, I want to grow down."

"Write to Santa Claus", I said

"I want to be one year old. I want to be one year old all the time. I want to be one year old for the yest of my life!"

" When I am one year old, everyone will play with me, now you spend very little time with me. "

"When I am one year old, I will be very light. So you can caie me, daddy can caie me,patti can caie me, thattha can caie me!"

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