Monday, June 25, 2012

Brisbane and Queensland Caravan trip: photos to follow

I am flipping through the photos and it is hard to decide which to share and which not to. So I am posting the lot

Day 1: Arrival in Brisbane: We visit South bank. We see Ibis, Ibis eat our lunch, we climb trees, get huge balloons. Anjali takes a dip in the artificial beach and doesnt have a change of clothes. Sophia assists in a busker show

Day 2: Girls and husband visit Lone Pine sanctuary, hug Koalas and Kangaroos, eat pumpkin soup and ride the ferris wheel

Day 3: Girls visit the Science center, take the ferry across town and visit the Brisbane Maritime museum. Anjali catches a fever

Day 4: Girls take mom across the river in the City Cat and visit the botanical gardens. Then they play with Sticky mazes in the South Bank

Day 5. We visit the Roma street parklands. Girls play in the playground. Girls and husband rent a car and take one hour to drive across the city

Day 6. Mom has a day off. We visit Mount Tambourine - Glow worm caves, cheese factory, roll on the grass, and do some nice bushwalking to a waterfall

Day 7. Back in South bank, husband remembers swimsuit and changes. Girls visit the beach and have a swim

Day 8. Caravan day. We lug our luggage across and around the city, rent a caravan, fill our shopping trolley with groceries for a month and drive up to Lamington. Husband crashes the caravan against a tree, and we camp permitless in the national park

Day 8. Lovely bushwalking to an even lovelier waterfall. We dip our feet in the water and camp at a proper campsite with water and electricity.

Day 9. Husband gets up early to drive to the glasshouse mountains. Sophia falls and bruises her nose. More Bushwalking, Climbing Mount Ngyuen with a fabulous view, overnight at Lansbrough Pines national park, clearly the best campsite of the trip. Water and Electricity at the same time. Halllelujah!

Day 10. Another day of activities, Horse riding. Anjali gets stepped on the foot by a horse that is three times heavier than husband. We head up to Noosa for Kayaking. Horrible tour guide but wonderful scenery, beach and sunset.

Day 11. Husband gets up early again to drive back to Brisbane. We reach Brisbane just as the girls wake up. Takes us two hours to clean the caravan and park. We report the tree incident. Thankfully it is covered by insurance. Just in time to catch a cab to the airport. Girls spend a disproportionate amount of time on the airplane hooked to the entertainment set. I finally got a chance to watch Slumdog Millionaire, but didnt think it was much. The book was better.

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