Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Husband: Sophia brush your teeth

Sophia: No. I want mummy to brush my teeth

Husband: Mummy is at work.

Sophia: No, I will wait for mummy and then byush my teeth

Husband: If you dont brush your teeth, iw ill tell the tooth fairy not to leaave any coins for your teeth since they will be all bad

Sophia: You dont know the address

Husband: The address is "Tooth fairy, fairy land"

Sophia: That is not the address.

Husband: Yes it is

Sophia: No, You dont know the tooth fairy's name

Husband: Yes, I know. The tooth fairy's name it "tooth fairy"

Sophia: No it is not.

Husband: The tooth fairy;s name is Allison tooth fairy

Sophia: Nooo! You shouldnt write the letter

Husbaqnd: I will write to Allison tooth fairy and Nancy tooth fairy and Gwen tooth fairy

Sophia: No.,..I will byush my teeth

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