Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two little princesses

 Two little princesses dressed up today
 Dressing and posing and dancing away
 they lifted their skirts and this is what we saw
Lovely little slippers going tap tap tap

tap tap tap and tap tap tap

Lovely little slippers going tap tap tap

We went to Bata for some sensible shoes for Anjali, who had been complaining that her shoe was getting small for her. And we bought these. For both girls.

Gold, heeled, plastic contraptions with beauty on them for the dress up box. IN my defence, they were on sale at 9 dollars. And they light up at the back and the kids were so excited that they dresses up in their princess clothes immediately upon return for the sake of trying out shoes.

And Anjali even commented how unfortunate it was that there was no LED technology in Cinderella's time- she would have shone much more.

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