Friday, May 11, 2012

tree wood branch to mother's day presents

let me start with the backstory.

Sophia found a branch last Saturday. She wanted to lug it with her all over the place, but we were going out and I am sure that such a huge branch wouldnt have fitted in a taxi/ bus/ train, so we encouraged her to leave it behind. She stowed it under a tree.

When we returned, we took a taxi or soemthing and anyway, we forgot about the branch.

Yesterday, we were returning from ballet and made a detour to look for snails. Anjali found a huge one on the grass and was carrying it around.After a while, she put it back where she found it.

Under a tree with a branch partially hidden under it.

"thats my tyee wood byanch", said Sophia.

Indeed it was her tree wood branch and the girls decided to lug it upstairs. I was worried that it might take out someone's eye or that it wont fit in the elevator or that it will knock off the lights in the lift - you get the idea.

But somehow it went in the elevator and got installed in the garden.

then Anjali set about decorating it with little pink hearts which said I love you mummy, stuck to the tree using double sided scotch tape.

She presented the whole branch to me, along with three presents she had made in school.

A self drawn card
A portait of mummy
"Happy mother's day"
a flower paper plate.

"mama wo ai ni"

Incidentally, this is me.

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