Friday, May 11, 2012

Stories and arguments

"I dont want to go to ballet"

"Why not?"

"Because I just go there, shake shake shake my legs and come back"


"I dont want to go for chinese"

"Why not?"

"Because they just make us read and do chinese and never let us talk and I have no time to make fyends"


"Why did you wipe Anjali first?"

"Because she came out first. i will feed you first"

"No. You must wipe me first. Ask Anjali to go in the bathyoom and make her wet again"


"Mummy lap"

I put her on my lap

"Why when I came back from office yesterday, you said that you only want patti and you dont want me?"

"BEcause i love my patti so much!"

"Then get off my lap!"

"No mummy. I only love you when ... I only love you just before I go to school"


"If you want me to love you all the time, you must stay in my home. You must not go to office "

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