Friday, May 4, 2012

Sophia at the library

I was very surprised to see the way Sophia carried on at the library. She would pick up a story book, open it, and tell her own story about the book. Going like

"Once upon a time, there were some dinosaurs. turn the page. There was small dionosaurs and some big dinosaurs and there were some tyees. turn the page - and then there were moye dinosaurs. there were blue dinosaurs and geen dinosaurs and yay! there were puyple dinosaurs and pink dinosaurs! turn the page mummy the dinosaurs are made of wool mummy. you can make them at home. can we boyyow this book and then you must learn to make these dinosaurs from wool. ok"

"Is it a touch and feel book?" asked Anjali, who was reading Charlie with me

"No. it is not a touch and feel book. It is a book and see book", said Sophia

It was a barefoot book with the illustrations made of felt and then photographed

And then she would bring the book to be

"Can you now yead it?"


How Sophia came to be: A story by Sophia

Once upon a time there was a Singapore fairy who was flying and flying and then she saw a shop and the shopkeeper put her on the shelf and she didnt want to be on the shelf so she flew away and then she found a family with a sister and a mummy and daddy and she came to live with the family.

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  1. That little story is so cute!

    I love the Barefoot books where the illustrations are made from felt and then photographed.


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