Monday, May 7, 2012

Read and laugh

"Mummy mummy, I made a deal with daddy that if he bought me a dog, I will help him convince you to have a third baby. But I wont do that. We will just get the dog and keep quiet"


"Sophia is playing with Kiran and not playing with me"... At the playground... "Jessica, you must tell Sophia that you wont play with her".... Sophia is crying because of being left out "i was sad when Sophia and Kiran didnt play with me, and now she must be sad!"

How vindictive!


On Anjali's notebook

"Note Sophia. I hat Sophia"

Please read phonems

"Sophia what did you learn from all this?"

"I realized that i should play with Anjali and Kiyan. I think I can handle both of them"

Notice the use of big words


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