Monday, May 7, 2012

Out new fairy garden

 Welcome to our fairy garden: let me give you a tour
 Fairy houses - made of sticks and clay
 A little pond for the fairies to bath
 A paved path
A seashell corner
Come in, sit down and watch the fairies play.

A word about the making: The last fairy garden we made was last Vavratri when we made one for patti's kolu. Since the magic onions is running a fairy garden contest, I thought it would be a good time to make something.

The girls and I went downstairs for a walk to collect moss and ferns that could go inside the garden and we were bitterly dissappointed. Where last year, we could get atleast fifty different kinds of ferns to decorate the garden and large patches of moss, this year, we found just a smattering of ferns and moss in only one spot. Maybe we were looking for the ferns and plants at a different time of the year when they dont bloom.

The children at the playground joined in the hunting, finding, not just moss, but interesting looking sticks etc which came together to make the hut.

The fairies must have liked it because they left a note.

Anjali is quite shrewd though, since she took one look at the note and asked

"Did the fairies write it or did you write it?"

I think she suspects Santa Claus as well.

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  1. Such a sweet garden for your fairies to play in :)
    We made clay houses too!


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