Monday, May 28, 2012

Off to India

We are off to India for a week. I am looking forward to the short break and the children should be interested in the wedding. They have never attended a two day wedding before.

Over the weekend, in anticipation of the wedding, we put nail polish (crappy idea), went roller blading in the park connector (good idea, I can turn) and Sophia has improved her biking skills, made a bunch of toys as follows for the plane

1. Color wonder and markers for Anjali, with a no sew felt holder for the pens
2. Kumon maze book for Sophia. I would rather have taken some junk mail and a pair of scissors, but I dont think they allow even safety scissors on the plane and telling them that Sophia needs to cut as much as she needs to breathe is not really going to help matters
3. Scratch pad with scratcher for scratching in the plane
4. Some Story books, some printed games, a white board and some whiteboard markers.
5. A sense of humor

Shopping list from India: must buys

1. Colored rangoli sand for playing at home
2. A set of tinkle back issues - if they bind them together and sell, all the better.
3. possibly a small bean bag chair, since in Singapore they are rather expensive

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