Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How I wish, again, that kids come with manuals

Somewhere at work, I attended a talk where a Scientist was describing his work on affective systems - systems that will gauge the mood of the user and tell you, or atleast help you decide when to talk, what to talk, when to keep your mouth shut etc. I found myself wishing for a system like that yesterday.

Anjali wanted shoes. She had been wanting shoes since a while, but we have been putting it off. But she lost her Dora shoe at the Ballet exam and she only had the strapped shoe, which didnt live up to her fancy schmancy heights.

We were supposed to go on Sunday, but we went for the Mohammad Rafi concert which ended late, as in a bit after the shops had closed.

The girls didnt sleep all Monday afternoon and were semi cranky when i got back.

But they still wanted shoes. And I had promised.

I should begin writing clauses or caveats or whatever they are called when I make promises.

This promise is rendered null and void unless the plaintiff sleeps in the afternoon.

You know, stuff like that. Not I know better.

We took the bus to West mall and then to bata. We bought the shoe, and the princess slippers and returned back.

"I am thirsty"

"We will be home in two minutes"

"I am so thirsty"

"Nicks, you said that you would not be cranky and I trusted you to bring you shopping. Now that we have finished shopping, you are getting cranky."

"I am so thirsty. If you dont give me a drink, I will die"

"I see"

"I really will die if you dont get me a drink"


"Dont you care about me?"

Well, we reached the interchange and I should tell this about Singapore and the mamak shops here, we got ourselves some water.

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