Monday, May 21, 2012

Helping at home on Sunday morning

The kids began their Sunday morning by helping me cut up mushrooms for soup. Whenever I cut vegetables, if any of the kids happen to be around, i let them have their share of vegetable cutting. Anjali likes to cut mushrooms. They are less messy than cherry tomatoes. I have a couple of blunt knives that I especially keep for the kids. I dont think that the girls get enough knife handling experience. Cutting playdough with a toy knife is all very fine, but they do need experience with the real thing. The problem is that during the weekdays, I cook in the mornings before they wake up and most of the dinner cooking is done by our house help. I used to do the cooking before the kids woke up on weekend mornings too, but now I try to integrate them more into the weekend cooking sessions. I like to boast that I am the master of five minute attention meals - soups, pasta etc. Cut them up, toss them in the pot and then leave them to cook. When the kids come into the five minute meals, the result takes longer than five minutes but is almost always worth it. And the clean up is free

While the girls cleaned the dishes - again they dont get to do this often enough since our house help gets there first, the mushrooms are cooking for the soup
Husband decided to take the time to clean the guinea pig cage. Here is Anjali helping him scrub down the waterproof sheet
While Sophia still experiments at the sink with longan seeds and water.

When the work was done, and the guinea pigs bathed, we took out the jelly that we had put to set.

And cooked with it
And made slime

No, Anjali is not dpoing anything in the microwave, she is making a guitar with rubber bands. As the video shows, she often doesnt want help from the offering husband. As you see, putting a rubber band over a mushroom container uses a significant bit of dexterity and eye hand coordination.

Here is Sophia at her favorite activity - involving snipping pieces of paper and cardboard

BEfore I made them take an afternoon nap, they were at the egg shells. shelling them and finally convincing me to blend them into powder in the blender for the compost pit.

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