Monday, May 21, 2012

From Sophia to Sophia

Sophia has a long piece of fabric in her hand, torn from the bottom of a T-shirt used in a craft project. She is using it as a skipping rope
Sophia: Up, jump, done!
Sophia: Sophia do it again
Sophia: Ok Again. You see ok
Sophia: Up, jump!
Sophia: Sophia can do it?
Sophia: Yes. Sophia can do it. My mummy teached me. You wan to see..
Sophia: put it in fyont, jump done!
Sophia: Sophia can do it! Yeah! Sophia can do it without any teacher!
Notice that all the dialogues above were from Sophia to Sophia

Another time, I was cleaning up the cupboards
Sophia pulls a couple of underwear and a couple of socks and spreads them on the floor
"Gabiella, you stay here ok. Eunice you sit with Nata, Gabiella you must stay quietly with Sophia, Doyothy, you do your work"
All the time, she is vigorously shuffling the pieces of clothing around.
Sophia blows my mind with the kind of pretend play she does.

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