Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First field trip

Sophia is going on her first field trip. She refused to wear her gym clothes as was required by the school. I am sure she is the only one. She has, if I may put it, a horror for shorts and T-shirts that I am desperately hoping that she would grow out of. However, it has gone on for a good half a year.

Every morning only I know the battle I go through to put on her gym clothes.

Husband reckons that if I send her to school one Monday with her underwear, she would learn her lesson. I am sorely tempted to try.

The school asked her to bring a waterbottle with a sling. We didng have a waterbottle with a sling, so I cut out a pant leg and made a waterbottle pouch with it.

Anjali says that i am good at making things. The complement made my day

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