Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Everyone terrorizes me!

"Did I tell you that Sophia is a terror?", asks husband when I got home.

"About ten times", i told him

"I asked her to read and she didnt read. She wanted to swing. So i told her that she can swing after she reads and took the swing down. Terror got a chair and tried to put the swing up by herself. So I gave her a blue heart. she didnt even get fazed, just took a pair of scissors, cut up the heart and put it in the recycling bin in the paper compartment."

"What is more, she stops Anjali from reading. So Anjali says, 'Sophia is not reading, so i also am not reading'. They rescue each other from timeouts and dance around me going 'na na ni boo boo' "

"Even the guinea pigs terrorize me", he added morosely." Even the guinea pigs have been squeaking all day and I have been giving them vegetables"

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