Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Discovery: Balloons and taps

The joy of schooling at home is that when the children have an idea, they have a lot of freedom to try things out. Like yesterday, Anjali discovered that inflating a balloon with a tap of water, blows it up. What is more, if the balloon has a hole in it, the water sprays out. The girls spent a happy half hour playing with the water balloons.
They used the balloon water to spray themselves, or rather, they manipulated the balloon to spray them. It is free play, but the alert facilitator can see a lot of opportunities for learning - slasticity, pressure, fine motor - its not easy fitting the mouth of a balloon over a tap, control - if the water was turned on too much, the pressure made the balloon burst out of the tap and drench the girls

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  1. I love the way they turned the balloon into a little mini faucet!


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