Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anjali woke up in the morning at 5.45

Anjali has been asking me to wake her up in the morning when I woke up. I have been avoiding doing that for a couple of reasons - firstly, i really like my alone time early in the morning and was thinking that she would get in the way of my cooking. Secondly, it seemed cruel to get a kid to wake up at six when she could sleep for another fortyfive minutes, especially since she stayed up till eleven bargaining with me over chapters of charlie and the chocolate factory.

But since she was not so easily dissuaded, I decided to give her a try this morning. And much to my surprise, she woke to the first call, tumbled out of bed, went straight to the kitchen, clambered up on the kitchen surface. Her eyes were closing and she was nodding off, so I asked if she wanted to go back to bed.


"You are stubborn", I said

"I am not stubborn" she retorted, still nodding.

I didnt want her falling off the kitchen table so i wiped her face with water and set her next to me while i chopped garlic for aglio olio.

She woke up after about ten minutes and dragged a chair to the window to watch dawn breaking.

"Mom, Why is twilight called twilight and not twidark?"

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