Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things we have been doing

I have been very silent over the past few days, mostly due to a mad deadline at work, whcih thankfully got extended by a month.

Here are some of the stuff we have been doing

The girls are helping me by going all out to make a present for Ramya's birthday. They have made a portable art studio for her (I helped with it, of course) and two awesome art pieces / cards to add to the art studio. They have also decorated the art studio beautifully. I am now making a bag to pack Ramya's many presents in (remember the sock dolls from a couple of weeks ago that Anjali and Sophia made? Those go in too.) and the girls are suppose to help me make a handle for the bag - probably I will use foam beads or paper mache beads if we have time to make and paint them by Saturday.

Sophia, ofcourse, is all excited by the prospect of an overnight at Yamya's house.

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