Monday, April 16, 2012

Sophia at Ramya's party

The girls go to Ramya's party and give the present that they (mostly made)

Sophia immediately launches into a very loud description.

"Yamya. This is your pyesent. We made it for you. This is one bag. Anjali dyawed this on top. Then we maded this handle. We made it fyom plastic bottles."

"It doesnt look like plastic bottles", says Ramya's mother.

"We maded it fyom plastic bottles. My mommy cutted the plastic bottles and then we colored them and then my mommy putted it in the oven"
She pulls out the bunny

"Then you see this is a yabbit. I maded this yabbit and this cyown my mummy made it and then she stitched some things on it. And this is an album, we made - no we didnt make this album, we founded it and then we putted our dyawings in it"

She went on with the descriptions for a good fifteen minutes, much to the amusement of all the party guests.

Unfortunately, she developed a sudden fever on Sunday evening, right after her afternoon nap, and could sleep overnight. Anjali stayed the night with Ramya and husband and I sneaked Sophia out.

We were almost halfway home (Ramya's dad was driving us) before she realized where we were.

"I want to sleep overnight in Yamya's house!"

I reasoned with her that we were going to make another present for Ramya and Ramya's father added that he would come to pick her up.

She reached home and put in about half an hour to make a necklace with beads and straws and pasta and all sorts of stuff to take for "Yamya"

Ofcourse, she was totally poofed by then and I took her to bed.

When the lights went off, she brought up the overnight tantrum again.

"Hello, Ramani", i said "We have finished the present. Can you ask Ramya's father to come and pick up Sophia? Ok.. No problem. Bye!"

"Sophia, Ramani aunty said that Ramya's father will come in one hour. "

She was not to be bought over. "You dont have a phone in your hand!"

Sunday morning she work up and went straight to her rocking chair, without a word. We went to sit with her.

"Mummy *sniff* I want to go overnight at Yamya's house. Please can I?"

Naturally we couldnt, but we took her to Yamya's house to play for a bit when we went to pick Anjali up. Then she says

"Yamani aunty!, you know, when my mummy speaks with you at night, she dont need any phone! she can speak with her head only."

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