Thursday, April 19, 2012

A round up of this week's arts and crafts

These are some of the crafts that I happened to take pictures for.

The crown made for Ramya - modelled by Sophia
 Close up of the crown: beads, an old pendant and some old earrings.
 Anjali working on a paper mache volcano that took some convincing to get her to do. We have yet to find the time to paint it and do the actual experiment

 One of Anjali's new favorite activity: Writing on the floor. I have a stash of dry erase markers that she can use
 Here is her writing
 Rock art (markers on rock in a hama bead bowl)
 Our nature table
 Anjali's note to daddy's computer. Incase you are wondering, it translates to "Naughty bald head daddy's computer", since she was annoyed that daddy ignored her when she called him several times when he was working on the computer and decided to write a note in the morning and pin it on the "bald head computer"

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