Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recycling Spotlight: Sock baby tutorial

I made this sock baby for Sophia in about half an hour on Thursday morning, since she asked for a doll to be made from a couple of her old socks. I gave it to her when i got back from work, and she took it to the mall with her. However, she lost the doll on the way back from the mall, much to her extreme sorrow. So I have promised to make her another one, once I get more stuffing material and after we finish the goody bag for Ramya.

Here is the tutorial.

You need two socks. Cut the first sock just below the heel and stuff

I used some old sponge that came as packing material for the stuffing. What I will stuff dolls with when the sponge runs out, i dont know
Once you are happy with the shape of the face, tie the bottom.
Cut the second sock also just below the heel
Attach to head
This is how it should look like when it is attached. There is a bit of sock on the top, thats ok.
This is the back. I am sure some more talented people can avoid the bunch on the back, but there you are.
Take the remaining half of the sock and cut below the heel. With the right side in, gather stitch the raw edge
Turn inside out to make the hat. Sew. Draw or sew eyes and mouth. Sew through the stuffing to make arms and legs

You can see that the sock has lint. It is not new

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