Friday, April 27, 2012

Recycling spotlight A cardboard easel in the making

Li Er from Ikat bag is my new hero

With her awesome cardboard constructions and toys she encourages you to think outside the confines and corners of the cardboard box. I have been wanting to make an easel for the girls to draw. Last month I made a couple of table top easels using cardboard moxes. But they looked too much like rather ugly box houses and after the first couple of drawings, the girls lost interest and I had to throw it away. 


Inspired by the kind of stuff here but not wanting to spend the money on it, I am now trying to make a standing easel. This morning, I used about twelve kitchen towel rolls and duct tape to make the base. 

Anjali says that she thinks that it will be a very nice easel. I am thankful for her vote. Will post more as the project progresses.

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  1. Kimira, I love your house-shaped easels! The fact that they lasted a couple of drawings each is evidence that they served their purpose well. Yay for you! Can't wait to see your standing easel completed- what a fun way to use kitchen towel rolls. Did you really save them all? See, that inspires me. I always toss mine straight into the recycling bin because I can never think of what to make with them. For shame. Now I know. Thanks!


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