Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A peek into our reflections book

Our reflections book is simply a watercolor sketchbook that I picked up at DAISO for $2. Just before bedtime, we turn down the lights and Anjali draws something in the book. It is encouraged, though not obligatory that she draws something related to her day. Sometimes she draws about what inspired her, at other times, about a creative idea that occurred to her. We keep the drawings simple, mostly pencil sketches, with little accessorizing

 Anjali's birthday cake
 Sometimes they reflect people and emotions. She usually, but not always dates them
 One of the few accessorized drawings
 Anjali and Sophia's dream house which they described and then drew. It has a swimming pool on the groundfloor and a swimming pool on the balcony and you can slide from one pool to another. And there is a (cant remember what it is called - one of those things that you hold and swing from one pole to another when someone pushes you) that connects the house to the civil service club swimming pool.

 One of the days when I told her off, she was mad at me and painted my face blue.
 I think this is representative of a playground day - see the swings on top of the house?

This was after the trip to the museum - the museum on the left - the tents depicting henna and stencil art on the right - she refused to draw the kites.

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