Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Getting kicked all night

I felt so bad sending Sophia to school this morning. Patti had reported that she had not slept all afternoon yesterday. After the bout at the museum on Sunday, we all knew she was very tired and that she didnt want to wake up yesterday morning. This, combined with the rain led husband and me to slip their uniforms on the girls while they were sleeping (so no comments about the gym clothes for a change) and to send them to school without brushing their teeth.

Yesterday evening, the girls dyed easter eggs using stickers and played doctor and talked to bunica through Skype. Sophia fell asleep at around 10, hugging her pillow. After Anjali and I went to bed, she kicked me constantly through the night, and then clambered on top of me complaining of nightmares.

This morning, she had a running nose and her face was so dark and tired that I had half a mind to keep her at home. And then she went to school.

Patti says that Sophia went directly to her nap. By 2pm, both girls were napping.

But now husband is sick.

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