Monday, April 30, 2012

The evolution of butterfly wings

I had a very bad output with the wire+ stocking wing - pictured below on Sophia. So we replicated the wings we did  before using plastic paper mached with tissue.

First we cut up a sheet of plastic - old grocery bag in the shape of a butterfly. Then we paper mached over it with colored tissue paper.
 Let is to dry for a day or so
 Punch holes and thred through. Here is Anjali decorating her;s
 And Sophia

 Anjali decorated hers with paint, gliter and red colored sand left over from a previous project
 Here is Sophia modelling the tiny wire wings
 When Ramya came over for playdate, they soent some time dressing up.
 Princesses/ fairies with wands
 And wings

 It was fin to make. They even helped me to clean up


  1. Very pretty wings - and I love that they helped you clean up!

  2. nice. what kid DOESN'T want butterfly wings?


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