Monday, April 9, 2012

Dolphins: An argumentative opportunity

The long weekend with nothing to do on Friday and Sunday meant that we could have atleast a day out. So we went to Sentosa yesterday and took the girls to the underwater world.

The girls were predictably excited during the dolphin show, but I spent a good bit of time doing the show grumping about the state in which the dolphins were kept - a pool the size of a Jacuzzi, and a pool the size of a 50 meter swimming pool for the show. I actually went to the show commentator after that to ask about the dolphin living conditions and was told that the dolphins are kept seperate in the Jacuzzi pools as it is logistically complicated to leave them all in the big pool and that they take turns to go in the big pool for exercise.

I am forced to draw comparison with the Zoo, where the oragutan space is bigger than the dolphin enclosure in the underwater world. I cant help being outraged.

Some of the outrage must have rubbed off  to the girls because, after spending a couple of hours at the beach and coming back bone tired, Anjali lay down on the floor and refused to move. Sophia, on the other hand, with a bit of cajoling, went to the bathroom, stripped and began to dance and prance in the shower cubicle.

"Anjali" I exclaimed, "Stop dilly dallying and get in the shower"

No response

"Anjali, I spoke to you about dilly dallying and you said that you will make an effort to stop"

"Mom! That was for going outside. We are back home and I can dilly daddly here"

"No you cant. You are tired and I need to get you in the shower before you have dinner. You are full of sand"

By now, i had succeeded in getting Anjali up and to follow me to the bathroom, although she was stomping her feet.

"Anjali, you can dilly dally. It is a question of where you dilly dally. See, Sophia is in the bathroom, but she is not taking a shower and she is dilly dallying, but mummy is not scolding her", said husband

Sophia is still doing her dance in the shower cubicle.

"You know what", said Anjali, with a lot of ferocity in her voice "She may be dancing in the shower, but she is not happy"

Sophia is going "la la la la"

"She is not happy because you have put her in a cage and locked her up like a dolphin!"

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