Monday, April 2, 2012

At the Asian Civilizations museum

It is not much different taking care of three kids than two, especially if one of the kids is not your own. Kids generally behave better when they are not with their parents - Ananya certainly was a gem to take care off, and your own kids behave better too, since they have a novel company.

The children had a great time at the Patterns of Trade celebrations at the museum, where we took them to right after the walk. I took some photos, but there were ever so many activities and not enough time to do them. Certainly, the girls would have liked to make a kite, though they got to touch the snake and eat icecream instead.

Henna designs

Stenciling on tile with oil paints.

Dances. We sat through four shows: A dandiya, the washerwoman dance, the Indonesian dance and a magic show. The magic show was a novelty to the kids and the washerwoman dance was simply beautiful. The girls took part in the Indonesian dance, as did myself and a bunch of other adults. I promised the kids that we could do the washer wonam dance at home by tying a bunch of duppattas together.

They spent about an hour at the sand art area, and Anjali and Ananya wanted to copy each other's work to the color (pictured above)
The snake - Anjali was the only one who put it around her
The dress up area was good fun, especially since it was folloed by icecream
The only bummer was that the kite stand closed before we could get there and the girls were dissappointed that they couldnt make their own kite. But Jyothi had brought Kiran and they had skipped on the icecream and done the kites instead. So the kids shared the kites with a promise that we could make more during our next playdate. 


  1. Great to see the photos & to read the write-up! - Dhana

  2. Very nice....Ananya had a great time. She described the whole event to me. Bte, you need to tell me how to make a kite...And can you e-mail me the pics? Thanks again dear! I owe you and Adrian a lot for all the babysitting you guys have done for me...


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