Friday, March 2, 2012

Recycling spotlight: Milk carton Cardboard Easels

I often like to leave out a simple activity in the morning. It is much simpler to deal with one child at a time when it comes to dressing for school, and the child who wakes up first goes to the toilet, brushes teeth and works on the activity while I spent time waking up the other child and getting them to the post brushing state. The activity in question has to be independent, challenging and time consuming enough to take more than a few minutes and open ended enough that there will not be much frustration when we ask the children to stop the activity to get dressed and have breakfast before running for the school bus/ school bike. This morning, I whipped together these two easels using old milk cartons. The papers are anchored to them using clothes pins and the bottom boxes are stuffed (with tp rolls) to make sure that they dont flod under weight. The whole thing whipped together in under five minutes.
Anjali took to the easel and this is what she had done - swimmy, his father and his father's friend.
I left the easels on the floor with some poster colors, paints and paper in case the girls wanted to have a go after they returned form school. Ofcourse, the easels also look like houses, so I am having half an idea to make the children paint them after covering whem with butcher paper. A kind of 3D toy

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