Friday, March 30, 2012

Kid invented recipes

There are parent initiated activities and kid initiated activities. Recently, I noticed that Anjali's kid initiated activities were getting more and more creative. Here is one that happened a couple of days ago. Anjali spotted a dry lemon in the fridge (it had been sitting there getting dry for a very long time)

"Can you give me a tumbler?", she asked

I complied and she added hot water the the tumbler and dropped the lemon. Then she went around the kitchen finding things that would go into her "magic potion".

Sophia joined in, and soon the kids had a super setup running in the kitchen

The leaves are part of another project and didnt go into the potion.

The girls raided the kitchen and got the following

1. salt
2. sugar
3. honey
4. cinnamon powder
5. agar powder
6. Herbs
7. Seeds and spices from my spice tray
8. cornmeal

The resulting mixture was, if not drinkable, very sippable. It had a very strong taste of herbal tea gone too strong, and was reeking of oregano. Both Anjali and Sophia took a sip as did husband and I.

Voila: The girls first self invented recipe

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