Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dress up box for the children

This was originally planned as a potential craft for the So you think you are crafty contest that I had signed up. But since I am about five votes short of being ousted from the contest, it looks like I wont be taking part after all.

Anyway, here is what I have been doing for the girls.

I had a huge pile of felt that i had bought sometime after Sophia was born. I use the felt off and on to make things, like the schedule chart and some soft teacher sticks to replace the wooden ones. This is my most ambitious project so far for them

Princess crowns: and ofcourse, i have to make two since Sophia also wanted one.

 They are made of two layers of felt, with the panels sewn together (by hand and it took about four hours and made me seriously consider buying a sewing machine). Much of the decorations were put together with what we had at home, the heart jewel had fallen off an old and broken costume jewellery kit and many of the beads were retrieved from old dresses.
 Anjali wore her crown for her piano concert
 Here is Sophia and I think her crown makes her look more like a pixie. She was a bit upset because her favorite color (purple) was not included in the crown. But I didnt have purple felt, though I stocked up on it when wee went to Daiso.

That pink fabric underneath is actually a skirt. This was upcycled from the Radha Madhava concert duppattas. I still have to try it out.

And these are the fairy wands, made with felt, stuffed with pieces of sponge and decorated with glitter. 
 Coming up - masks, fairy wings, princess hats and....

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