Thursday, March 15, 2012

Climbing and the importance of practice

There is a playgrouond near the community club with a lot of jungle gym like structures for climbing. That is one thing that the playground near our house doesnt have.

I understand that husband sneaks the girls there for half an hour every Monday after ballet class and I got a full demonstration of the effect of the sessions.

Anjali is great at this stuff. The swings, climbs, crawls, scrambles, calculates and leaves all of us in the dust.

Sophia, though far behind her sister in the climbing, wants to catch up, asking us to give her a leg boost whereever possible.

Now, if only there were gymnastics lessons anywhere in the community or the civil service clubs.

"Its like playing piano", Anjali says knowledgably. "I am good at it because I practice every week. "

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