Monday, March 19, 2012

At Smart kids Asia

We actually went to smart kids Asia yesterday. Let me see, what can i pass verdict on first or should I even pass verdict on anything?

We avoided most of the places that were selling programs in the city, and the girls hoodwinked us, as did most of the children there, into buying coupons for merry go round rides. Where are those one dollar rides and games that used to go around? All the rides cost five dollars!

There was climb Asia's wall climbing. We had done the bouldering before, but Anjali was really interested in the climbing. Sophia tried the climbing too, but she was mostly hoisted by the rope. We will probably take them over on a regular basis, especially since the climbing center is close to the center

I remember having shaking legs when i tried a similar climbing in secondary school.

The girls spent a disproportionate time at a station with moon sand (where do they come up with these names) and a montessori kindergarten with homemade playdough (Why does my playdough end up too moist and theirs doesnt?)

And they attended a Science activity involving shampoo making (purple ofcourse)

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