Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art adventures

(Re) introducing our art wall. Last December, when I was at home, I took down all the paintings that were on the wall - We had been putting and switching paintings on the wall for the past three years and for the first time, I took down all of them - the starting to get mouldy milk painting of Sophia's feet, the first multidimensional painting that Anjali made of what might have been a squirrel. The wall looked so strange and everytime we turned out from the kitchen, we felt as if we were going to bang into a door. Now, three months later, this is what our art wall looks like.

Here is an introduction to some of my favorite pieces

These are Anjali's works - a paint by number kit and a scratch pad, both from art friend

Collages are Sophia's foarte and she loves to glue stuff around. The first is a collage made of hama beads and glitter glue. The second is a random collage made out of several kitchen grains and stuff I fouond around the house in a desperate moment to keep her entertained while I was cooking dinner. The result - a mess and a masterpiece. The third was a collage that she put together out of old Christmas wrapping paper.

Sophia generally likes doing non 2 dimensional art. The top circle was part of a set of slotted discs that I made for the girls. Sophia look the scrap fabric and glued it on one of the discs. The butterfly is donw with watercolors.

The Thing sticking at an odd 3D angle, looking very patriotic is a paper fan made and colored by Anjali using Kitchen glue.

Anjali's art is usually more 2 dimensional, and often very self generated. Here are some samples.

Spirograph, painting... On some occassions, she asks us to draw her a picture that she then colors. The first coloring is of Simba and Nala. When I commented on the colors, she made a reference to the blue horse.

The picture at the bottom is apparently a self portrait by Patti.

Sometimes we experiment with new art materials and media, often inspired from the internet.

 Melted crayon art
 We had a fun evening when we put old crayons against a candle flame until they melted and used them for coloring.
 Contact paper collage with construction paper strips and pressed flowers
 Marble rolling painting.
A first attempt at Batik

Anjali and Sophia's first output of the embroidery hoop

Some alien Dora and boots (sand art kit from shop n save)

This is another self generated art activity where the girls last night grabbed a face towel (new) and drew on them with markers and glitter glue.


  1. It's so wonderful that you have a special space to display your children's work. How wonderful you give them so many opportunities to express their artistic creativity.

  2. Planning to do an art pin up area for Vir also..not sure what the purpose is but still will be nice for him to look at his handiwork i suppose!

  3. You should. We began our's when Anjali was about Vir's age.


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