Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tooth brushing

Sophia has a dental appointment next Wednesday afternoon. She has a corner tooth where food gets stuck and refuses to come out on brushing, and every couple of days, husband I have to pin her down and tackle her with a tooth pick.

It was quite fun at first with us playing dentist and Anjali shining the torch in Sophia's mouth. And then the torch ran out of battery (possibly one of the kids were playing with it and left the light on) and so Sophia doesnt want to show her mouth without a torch.

But her attitude toward tooth brushing has improved (marginally). She still yells as if all the monsters in the world were behind her, and she still doesnt want to use tooth paste. Each time she needs to gargle, I lose a couple of hairs on my head, but she has learnt to sit still while yelling her throat hoarse.

Of course, i can tell her that if she doesnt brush her teeth, they will become like Swati aunty's and the image of Swati aunty's tooth in the plastic is still fresh in her mind.

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