Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It worked

The tutu was ready.  Anjali helped me to cut up and thread the elastic.

"I dont want to go to ballet"

I tried a bunch of arguments, including taking away her marbles until she agreed to go to ballet.

"I will make a ladder until the ceiling to take the marbles", said Sophia, when she saw that the hiding place for the marbles was out of her reach.

And she began to drag chairs and put her toy cars on top of them and everything.

Then i pulled the last trick out of my sleeve.

"Dr Birute learnt Ballet you know"

That got her attention, and I took my advantage.

"I'll read you the section from the book"

And I took out reflections of Eden and read the paragraph out for her.

Again it is amazing what Hero worship will do to a child.

"I want to go to Orangutan Ballet" she said

"You can go to Anjali's ballet"

"No. I want to go to Oyangutan Ballet like Dr Birute"

"See.. Anjali has gone to this Ballet class and after one year she is going for the Royan Academy of dance exam, then she will go to another ballet class. If you go to Anjali's Ballet class, after one year, you can also take an exam, and we can tell your teacher to give you the exam for Orangutan Ballet."

"Ok". And she tried on the tutu and everything


Hopefully, in a year she will grow out of this phase of hero worship

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