Wednesday, January 11, 2012


"I took my dyagon in my bag to school and showed it to evybody and they all said nice and he was flying around and ...."

Sophia has a new dragon for a pet. She keeps him in her pocket, sometimes he rides on her shoulders or head. He is sometimes pink, sometimes green, but sometimes he is red, especially when he is angry.

His name is wormy

He goes everywhere with her. Sometimes he wanders by himself but when she calls him, he always returns.

"All the princesses are the first to go to the bathroom", I announced

Sophia ran into the bathroom. Anjali, who was still stretching said "I am the princess"

"You are", I said, hastening to avoid difficulties and squabbling. "Sophia is the dragon princess"

"I am not a dyagon pincess!", siad Sophia, sitting cross legged in front of the bathroon and coming close to tears

"But you are!", i said. "You are the keeper of the dragons, like Dr Birute is the keeper of the Orangutans. And you take your dragon with you whereever you go"

"And there are dragons like Zog and the other dragon in the princess book who make excellent friends and the princess and dragon become friends"

I was kind of blathering as I took Sophia from the toilet and put her on the sink for the hated routine of the day.

"Then what will happen?" I asked, running out of ideas and breath

"And then they will get mayyied"

"A princess cant marry a dragon", I said

"I will marry a dragon!", Sophia announced

"You will? Then what kind of babies you will have? Half dragon, half princess? "


"Which part will be the dragon and which will be the princess?"

"hmmm... i will have one dyagon baby and one pincess baby"

"Ok. Now lets brush your teeth"

"No!!", she turns away

"Come on, dragons only like to marry princesses with sparkling teeth you know"

She smiles and takes the toothbrush, brushing a couple of times.

"Mummy", she says, handing me the toothbrush. "You are the queen and I am the pincess"

"You want me to brush your teeth?", i ask, hardly daring to believe my luck

"Yes", she says.

I brushed her teeth.

"Now I can marry a dyagon!", she says triumphantly

Well. Whatever works.

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