Friday, January 6, 2012

Watching Sophia play

We were at the center for New year's meditation. Last year, when the girls had been in for New year meditation, they were loud and fussy and husband had to take them out so that I could sit for a bit. This year, we tried to better the situation

I had taken for Anjali some workbooks for her to do while we sat, and Sophia had taken the pink worm. The pink worm is a cute, though not very robust toy that we saw in a mall demo and which I bought in a very uncharacteristic and christmassy mood. Anjali spent a couple of days with it and then dropped it. Sophia took it up after.

I gave her some crayons to work with, which Sophia did for a bit. Then she decided that a better thing to do was to play with her worm, which she did, using the worm the crayon box. It was nice to observe the worm is crawling through the box games that were contrived quite independently.

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