Thursday, January 5, 2012

School day

Getting two girls up for school takes more than twice as much grit in some senses than getting one girl up for school. I gave myself fifteen minutes more, starting the morning routine at 6.45am, and taking a super short shower. But we still missed the bus on Tuesday morning and had to call the driver to take us to school.

Its even worse when breakfast preferences change in the last minute to something that requires mummy to cook - the preference this morning changed from noodles in the WC bowl to grilled cheese toast with mummy bread, which only I can make. (Dont get me started on Anjali and mummy bread, that will take all day)

And so when Anjali and Sophia went back to lie on bed this morning and didnt get up to brush her teeth and the clock showed 7.05, I lost my head a little and gave the kids one of my ultimatums

"Who ever is not up by the count of five will go to school just like this, without any uniform"

Sophia got up immediately, and Anjali dfidnt. I finished counting to five and the kid began to cry.

And then she went to the living room, and cooperated with everything, brushing her teeth, allowing me to brush her hair, and put on her uniform. And while I was busy with Sophia she says

"You are a witch"

"Right", I said. Then I softened a little "I am not really a witch", I said. "I am just extremely strict sometimes"

Some grilled cheese toast and half a Knuffle bunny story later, Anjali was feeling quite happy with the world and marched on to the busstop.

"So I am a witch?", I asked her

"Do you have claws?" she asked, looking. "Can you make a bubble with your saliva? I want to see if it is blue?"

I obiliged.

"It is white, so you are not a witch", she concluded

We are reading Roald Dahl's Witches. Sophia is extremely into the story, especially in the parts where the witches want to flush the children down the loos.

And both of them can identify witches very well and have taken the very serious resolution of not wanting to take sweets from strangers - even the Santy Claus in the mall makes no exceptions.

Now thats a very good thing, but where is trust in the picture? And Ekataa?

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