Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A highlight during the holidays

Shortly after Christmas, I took the girls to two rural areas. We may think that there are no rural areas in Singapore, but there are, and they are rural areas that are different from Kranji, which has been somewhat touristified. The first place we went to was the Animal resort in seletar. The zoo it is not, but a run down little farmhouse with ducks, crowned cranes guinea pigs, and horses. The animals were not quite as free range as I had hoped, the guineas, for instance, were in cages, but the girls had a good time looking around.

The ducks: you can feed them, and the family animal lover was very excited to see them. They eat right off your hands

The crown cranes and the geese

The rabbits and guinea pigs

The girls were a little disappointed that the rabbits and guineas were caged and they couldnt touch them except through the bars. Perhaps an open air hutch for rabbits like they have in Langkawi zoo would be really nice. Then the children coould climb in with the animals.

One minute we were in the middle of HDB blocks and the next we were in roads that were narrow and without pavements. So when it rained, we had a good time with the streams and puddles.

We then went to Khatib to Oh farms. We had some difficulty finding the farm, and after getting caught in the rain twice and taking shelter under some blocks and going the wrong way twice, wee managed to find the narrow leading to nowhere road which had no pavement that led to a number of farms. There, we found the Oh hydroponic farm and butterfly garden, which was rather a feast to our eyes. We also bought six caterpillars home, 4 for us and two for Ramya. We thought it would be an interesting Science project to watch them turn into butterflies. Three of the caterpillars died in a couple of days, but two days after we had bought them, the fourth caterpillar, which was hanging started wiggling like mad and became a coccoon. If you have never seen a caterpillar turn into a cocoon before, I strongly recommend it, its one of the most fascinating pieces of metamorphosis around.

We are hoping that Mr butterfly will not come out when the kids are in school, and are expecting him out earliest on Friday


  1. Hi, where exactly is this place? Is it open-to-all ? More details please.. My lil girl in K2 would love it!! Thanks Meena

    1. Hi. The farm is in Seletar, there is no easy way to get there, the best is to take a cab T81 Seletar West Farmway 5.

      The butterfly park is part of the Oh farms, that is walking distance from Khatib MRT. Better call before going to find out whether the farms are open.


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