Monday, January 30, 2012

Gymnastics, wounds, and white witches

Anjali fell off from the swing at home. It was her own fault. She was standing on the swing despite repeated warnings and fell off. She got a rather nasty bruise on her right hand. Husband tried putting a bandaid on it, but that didnt quite work, since Anjali only likes to raid husband's band aid box when the bruises are imagined.

We are seriously thinkng of giving her an outlet for the physical activities. I tried to hunt down TaeKwan do and gymnastics. However, the only gymnastic classes that we could find were at the turf city club. TaeKwan Do, which was offered at the SCS clashes prime time with patti's Shloka class - not that these kids sit in Shloka. They play and sometimes run off to other rooms in the house. But then, better to avoid timing clashes.

There are Aikido classes in the community club on Friday evenings and it is these lessons that husband and I are considering. We have been quite happy with her community club lessons, and Anjali is apparently making progress in her ballet. The catch: Aikido lessons are for children six years and up and Anjali is not yet six. However, her wrestling skills are very impressive and she can resort to using all her limbs to pin you down in a fight - trust me, I know.

Maybe what these kids need is a serious body using fight. I mean, how much can you play princess? I think princess playing is totally boring, atleast it is until you pop a couple of dragons into the picture.

Sophia has a new ambition. When she grows up, she wants to be a white witch, so that when she walks, roses will bloom at her feet and butterflies will flit around her and rabbits will jump up to her and eat carrots from her hands.

This is because husband and I have been reasing Eva Ibbotson's Which Witch and we were discussing the book. Ofcourse, the girls wanted the story and Sophia wants to be a white witch.

She has, atleast temporarily, stopped wanting to be a baby orangutan.

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