Friday, January 27, 2012

Fairy shoes and Princess clothes

Anjali didnt wear her sandals to Yogyakarta. The reason was that they were horribly ratty and the plastic on top was peeling off to reveal some very shabby looking interior.

No matter what Anjali's faults are, she is a very fair kid, and understands that she got into this situation because she went for the fanciest not very sturdy shoes in the sop. So left wwith no proper shoes, she, very uncomplainedly, wore her (plain) school shoes to Yogya and didnt even complain much the day she had to wear them without socks.

As a result, and as a result of reading the creative family, I promised her that when we returned to Singapore, she could have two pairs of shoes, one sturdy pair for wearing outdoors and one very silly highheeled sparkly lousy for the feet pair to wear at home only when she wanted to play princess.

She tried to make true the bargain on Tuesday, which was the day after we had returned. But it was a real no go, since the shops were closed for Chinese new year.

So yesterday, after ballet, we went to the shops, just Anjali and me, to choose shoes.

Now see how fortune favors Anjali Curic. She found her sparkly shoes fast enough - high heeled with beads in the heels (dont even ask)

But no matter how hard I tried to look for study, durable sandals, they were all either too small or too big for her.

So we were heft to choose another princess sandal, which was durable, but was white and girlish and had Cinderella on the Velcro.

And so quite naturally Sophia threw a tantrum when we reached patti's house and she discovered that she didnt have Cinderella on her velcro. Her Cinderella on the velcro shoes were rather battered and one shoe was missing a ribbon and while she still wore them, we preferred to have her wear another pair of more presentable, but distinctly unprincessy shoes

No amount of pointing out teddy bears in her existing shoes would console her and I left patti's house just when thattha was starting to grumble that I should have bought Sophia too a pair of shoes (Sophia has some three pairs of shoes at home, excluding those that Anjali has grown out of)

And then when we got home, Anjali paraded around with the high heeled shoes that made clanking clopping sounds on the floor when she walked and gave me no end of worry that the people from downstairs will shout as they often do when we drop marbles on the floor.

And Sophia saw them

And while Anjali was nice about it and let Sophia parade a bit with her shoes, Sophia still wants her own princess shows and wouldnt wear her old shoes which have Cinderella on the velcro (to be fair, the ribbon is missing from one shoe although it is perfectly servicable)

"Why didnt you come with me to Bata?" I asked

I conveniently forgot to mention to Sophia that she stayed in patti's house basically because I didnt want to buy three more shoes for her to top off the shoes that she already has. I am running out of room in the house.

"Because I was tired", she says.

"Well, next time we go, remind me to get you a pair of shoes. ok?" I tell her

I am hoping that she wont hold me to it. But I will have to give the shoe shop entrance a wide berth for a few weeks.

Anjali asked me if she coould wear the lousy for the legs shoes in bed while I read her bedtime story.

I agreed, as the shoes were new and made her to promise not to wear them outside the house and even in the house, only for princess play.

She was hugging them when she slept and I took them off her hands and put them at the foot of them bed.

I tripped over them a couple of times in the morning, but the kid wore them first thing in the morning.

She has been having this high heeled shoe fantasy for about an year, so I guess it is time we indulged it. After all, i remember my own high heeled shoe fantasy and begging my parents for them.

I was, I think, around nine at that time and definitely not six

But then again, in those days, shoe shops usually stocked Hawaii Sandals and not shoes with princesses painted on them

How exactly does Cinderella feel about having kids stamp on her face all the time?

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