Thursday, December 1, 2011

We have guests! Updates on our snail farm

Yesterday evening was the perfect time to get snails! It had finished raining and we found s number of small to medium snails in the grass.

This is what our new house looks like. Its a two litre juice bottle where I had cut up a hole. The girls helped me to fill it up with soil and I used a transparentcy with holes punched in for air circulation and taped it up. Its a bit cumbersome to open the tape each time we want to put leaves, but the girls sure dont mind!

Husband suggested that we leave the window open during the day, but he didnt realize that snails could move so fast. One tried to climb out in a matter of seconds

One learns a lot by keeping snail farms. Like how the underside of a snail looks

And that it is the snail's foot and not the snail's bottom

And that snails eat leaves very fast.

And that snails can crawl upside down

And in Sophia's case, how to count

"We have two animals now! We have guinea pigs and snails!"

And the concept of time

"We will keep them for three months!"

And the concept of home and family

"They will have babies and then we will keep the babies"

and the concept of sizes

"Kitty Cox! you are so big and the snail is so small!"

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