Friday, December 9, 2011

New story

"Mummy, we will thyow away our fake pyide yock", said Sophia, as we were riding on the bike

"You are done with the story? ", I asked, torn between relief, amusement and nostalgia

"Yes. I am dont with the stoie", she said gravely "We will do a new fake scene"

"What fake scene?", I asked

"We will doo a whole new world fake scene", she said. "That will be good. We will have a jasmine, and an aladdin and a Jafar"

"Right. Do you ant them to be on Pride Rock?"

"No. Pyide yock is for the lion king show. We must have a castle. Jasmine always lives in a castle"

"A castle"

"Yes. And we must have birds in the castle for Jasmine to set free, and some water for her to look into. What will we do for the water mummy?"

Now the gears in my head are turning

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