Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gita Jayanti competition

Sophia wants to go for the Gita Jayanti competition. Husband says that she can go if she says atleast three shlokas

"I will say in the competition", she says

"No, you must practice for the competition", i tell her. "Anjali practices everyday"

"Ok. I will pyactice" and she says three shlokas with some prompting.

But making Sophia learn is very different from making ANnjali learn. She is happy making her own songs and stories. She can, in principle, count to twenty, but doesnt want to.

When we make her count with her Dora books, she says

"I had enough of this counting! Tell me the story!"

"You are going to go to school and you need too learn to count"

"I will count when I am in school"

She had got all the attitude from the other side of the genes

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