Monday, November 14, 2011

Words and Wonder

Sophia on Saturday after dropping Anjali at piano

"Mummy, I want to go theye"

"Theye" was an exhibition of kindergarten work at the courtyard of the community center. It was colorful, neat and interesting looking

"We cant go now", husband said. "We have to go shopping"

"I'll take you when we come back to pick Anjali up", I added

"Mummy Mummy", she said, in that tone she takes sometimes when she wants something very badly "Mummy mummy..."


"I want to go theye now. Its fasinating"

It took me a while to digest the word

"Its what?"

"Its fascinating!!"

It was, though we didnt see it until after Anjali's piano

We were on the way to school for Anjali's PTA and walking across the park. There were two large dogs on their morning walk.

"Patti says that I shouldnt touch the big dogs.", says Sophia


"Patti says I shouldnt touch them", she repeated.

"Why not?"

"Because they will bitey bitey my fashe and my hands and evywhere!"

"Not true", I said

"Patti says they will bitey bitey", she repeated

"They will only bite if you do something silly, like take away their food when they are eating", i said

"Patti says I shouldnt touch the big dogs. I can onuly touch the small dogs", She said

And as an afterthought

"I am only allowed to touch the small dogs"

We were going for the Nirmanika show. We had, the day before gone for a War rememberence day based activity at the playeum and were fixing a jigsaw that they had given in a goody bag that illustrated peace. Here are snippets of dialogue that happened before and after

"One day we went to the Simba Nala show"... "When Simba and Nala weye born Something happened. What happened? Do you know?"


"What happened? Andhali, do you know??".... "When Simba and Nala were small, somebody died. That is the onuly bad thing that happens in that show".... "In the Simba Nala show when someone dies, at the end of the show, they will come back to bow. That is the yule"

While fixing the puzzle on the fridge, I was talking with the girls about war and peace.

Sophia: This man is dead mummy!

Me: Yes.

Anjali: What is a war?

Me: A war is when people fight and many people die.

Anjali: Only the bad people die right?

Sophia: No Anjali. The good people also die. In the Simba Nala stoie some good people also died.

Me: Who died?

Sophia: Some good people died Mummy!!

Me: Ok

Sophia: Like Simba's daddy...

Interesting how much children get out of a show. We have made a lot of lion king themed stuff - besides the lion cave and the lion gate, we also have made a paper mache pride rock which sits on top of a grassland, and animals at the foot of pride rock with lions on it. Its the first of our small world models - photos to come. I printed out disney's Lion king puppets and Anjali colored and cut them out. We have them up for Sophia, who wants to play Simba Nala every night before bed.

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