Monday, November 28, 2011

When we find water,

We naturally take the opportunity to get our feet wet

We follow it, even though it is not in our official road

We find hidden treasures and ruined boats

We investigate the moss on the rocks, feel the softness of it

We ignore the dry path that runs alongside and across, preferring the sensations of wetness over dryness against our feet

We explore the rocks, climbing over, finding our exactly how to put our feet and maintain oour balance so as not to slip.

The children often converge on water play options when outdoors. On Saturday, when we were at the playeum and it began to rain, they had these huge canvas sheets on the floors where water was collecting. It wade a wonderful opportunity for splashing in "cleaner" rain water puddles. I wish we had had a bit more time and we would have gotten some brushes for some paint with water time. Unfortunately, we were due to leave for Anjali's piano class.

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