Monday, November 14, 2011

A weekend with the girls

Thankfully, many of the stuff that was on during the 30 days of hand on play challenge was stuff that we did any way

Concoctions: Finger paint. Veer came over for playdate on Friday and Sophia learnt about printing.

Outdoor play: We didnt officially do an outdoor play activity. We went to the playeum event on Saturday, and it was raining. So we stopped making poppies and got wet in the rain for a while, before changing the kids' clothes to return to the activities there. There was a wonderful moment when Anjali stood in the pouring rain with her arms wide open and her mouth wide open, trying to drink the rain water. Too bad I didnt have a camera.

After drying as best as we could and changing the girls out of their wet clothes, we sat down to the art and craft activities that were at the playeum. There is one nice advantage to going there, I dont have to scrimp on materials and I dont have to clean up. So the whole arrangement plays well with me.

When we do crafts at home, it is hard for me to set out a huge tray of materials. I know that they will not, all get used, and that I will have to clean and organize the stuff for using the next time. So i tent to be fairly economical on the stuff I put out - two sheets of tissue, just enough paint, one cup of corn flour - you get the idea. Here, there was paper and markers and glue galore (That reminds me to stock up on markers at home, the girls go through them like anything)

We didnt make the recommended Super hero capes, though it would have been a nice opportunity to tell the children about heroes. What we made instead were art aprons, highly inspired from Fancy Nancy. Sumitra mentioned a fancy Nancy birthday party, perhaps we should try it for Anjali's birthday.

Does the trip to the playeum count as a field trip?

I guess it does, but then that would be squeezing too many activites in the same place - the outdoor, the field trip and the sticky activity, so lets split them up. We went on another field trip!!

On Sunday we took the girls to a Bharatnatyam program on Nirmanika - Architecture and Bharatnatyam. Anjali was totally fascinated by the dancers and Sophia was too, despite the fact that we sneaked in on a show where Children under 6 were not allowed.

We told Sophia A priori not to talk whereupon she says

"I cant be quiet mummy, I need to talk!!"

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